Buffalo Trace’s Single Oak Project.

I'm fairly fascinated by complex role that the wood plays in whisk(e)y making. From the basic differences between American (Quercus alba) and European (Quercus robur) oak to the subtle changes that occur when one decides to dry the stuff naturally rather than in a kiln (there's a tannin-eating fungus among us!).  For the most part, all … Continue reading Buffalo Trace’s Single Oak Project.

Glenfiddich’s Cask Of Dreams

Before I start, let me just say that walking through the heart of the Tenderloin, San Francisco's version of skid row (no, not the Sebastian Bach kind...well, sort of), on route to Glenfiddich's tasting on the 15th floor of a fairly lux hotel definitely added a bit of perspective, not to mention a fragrant surreal … Continue reading Glenfiddich’s Cask Of Dreams

2011 James Beard Finalists

It's that time of year again, no...not President's Day time of year, when we celebrate a group of old white guys, most of whom screwed things up, with big sales on linens and department store clothing made in other countries. No, it's the awards time of year. Some of these awards are vapid and downright … Continue reading 2011 James Beard Finalists

Kilchoman Single Cask Release for the Whisky Shop

I had the privilege of meeting Kilchoman's Owner and Director, Anthony Wills today at San Francisco's The Whisky Shop. Mr. Wills is making a quick tour of the U.S. to promote Kilchoman's Summer 2010 Release here in the states as well as offering single cask bottlings to a select few purveyors. The Whisky Shop is … Continue reading Kilchoman Single Cask Release for the Whisky Shop

SF Cocktail Week Special – A Quick Q&A with H. Joseph Ehrman

What better way to get our livers warmed up for WhiskyFest-San Francisco than San Francisco Cocktail Week, which runs from September 21st - 27th. This is the 4th annual installment of the City's ode to all things cocktail, celebrating it's storied past (think Pisco Punch, Hotaling's Whiskey, William T. Boothby,  etc.), it's craft distillery/locavore influenced present, … Continue reading SF Cocktail Week Special – A Quick Q&A with H. Joseph Ehrman

Ardbeg Supernova comes back for more

Why is it that Ardbeg news gets more of a reaction from people than other news from the whisky world?  I'm certainly guilty of this myself. When I hear about a new Macallan release, I usually don't even finish the little blurb I'm reading and chalk it up to another exciting scotch I may or … Continue reading Ardbeg Supernova comes back for more

Anchor Brewery & Distillery has been sold

Woke up this morning to the news that Fritz Maytag has sold Anchor Brewery and Distillery.  Seems like it's the end of an era...two eras, maybe.  Mr. Maytag and Anchor were pioneers not only in microbrewing but in craft distilling as well, inspiring companies around the world to head down the same path. The good … Continue reading Anchor Brewery & Distillery has been sold

New Committee Only Ardbeg Release

Word on the street is there will be a new, very limited, Committee only release from Ardbeg coming out in the next week or two.  This bottled small batch will be called "Shuttlecock" and will be made up of 50% 10 year old and 50% 3 year old, with the 3 year old an atypical … Continue reading New Committee Only Ardbeg Release

Wisconsin Bourbon!

Being a good Wisconsin boy and even more specifically a Milwaukee boy, I'm pretty excited to see the Great Lakes Distillery is creating the state's first bourbon whiskey since prohibition. On March 20 they'll be hosting a release party at the distillery, selling bottles of this special small batch spirit.  The distillery has already garnered … Continue reading Wisconsin Bourbon!

World Whiskies Awards 2010

The full list for Whisky Magazine's 2010 World Whiskies Awards is up here. Along with Ardbeg's Corryvreckan winning World's Best Single Malt Whisky, a few other notable winners: World’s Best Blended Whisky Hibiki 21 Years Old World’s Best American Whiskey Rittenhouse Straight Rye 100 proof Best American Whiskey - Bourbon George T Stagg Best Irish … Continue reading World Whiskies Awards 2010