Ardbeg Supernova comes back for more

Why is it that Ardbeg news gets more of a reaction from people than other news from the whisky world?  I’m certainly guilty of this myself. When I hear about a new Macallan release, I usually don’t even finish the little blurb I’m reading and chalk it up to another exciting scotch I may or may not try. However, you send me a little email about a new Ardbeg and I run around in circles for a few minutes and then go write something on my blog, already agonizing over how I’m going to afford yet another well-marketed bottle of Islay gold. Go figure.

In any case, more exciting news about another new release from Ardbeg…or rather a new release of an old favorite.  On May 31st, they’ll release the 2010 version of the legendary Supernova. It will differ from the 2009 expression with a higher ABV (60.1%) and, according to Ardbeg, will be even “deeper and earthier” than its predecessor. I loved the now hard-to-find 2009 smokey fireball so needless to say I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the 2010.

Ok, back to running around in circles for a bit.


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