New Committee Only Ardbeg Release

Word on the street is there will be a new, very limited, Committee only release from Ardbeg coming out in the next week or two.  This bottled small batch will be called “Shuttlecock” and will be made up of 50% 10 year old and 50% 3 year old, with the 3 year old an atypical un-peated style.  Both have been married for 4 months in Oloroso casks and bottled “double un-chill-filtered” at 56.7%.  The double un-chill-filtering is apparently a proprietary process of not chill filtering the spirit twice, thereby adding even more flavor.

The idea behind this malt is based on the flight of a badminton shuttlecock: rocketing quickly off the racket, only to hang up and almost float in the air before plummeting downwards again.  The young, brash 3 year old will attack the nose and palate before yielding to the smooth, smokey sea-breeze of the 10 year old, coming together in the end to settle down nicely with few sherry notes.

More information on this release cannot be had. You, on the other hand, can be.


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