Anchor Brewery & Distillery has been sold

Woke up this morning to the news that Fritz Maytag has sold Anchor Brewery and Distillery.  Seems like it’s the end of an era…two eras, maybe.  Mr. Maytag and Anchor were pioneers not only in microbrewing but in craft distilling as well, inspiring companies around the world to head down the same path.

The good news is that the buying company, The Griffin Group, is based in Novato (just north of San Francisco) and shares Fritz’s vision of preserving Anchor’s San Francisco heritage.  Mr. Maytag will stay on as Chairman Emeritus and new owners plan to not just keep the current beer and spirits roster intact but to expend Anchor’s role in the industry.

While based locally, the Griffin Group, led by Keith Greggor and Tony Foglio, has a great deal of international liquor industry experience.  The two helped found Skyy Vodka, have a minority stake in Scotland’s Brewdog Brewery and recently purchased Preiss Imports, distributors of, among other spirits, Springbank, Duncan & Taylor, Benriach and Hirsch Bourbons.

Here’s more official and proper news from SF Chronicle, and from


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