Ardbeg Fans: A Tsunami-like Horde.

This quick report from Deadline Scotland on Ardbeg's Rollercoaster release day website troubles was kind of amusing.  A "horde of whisky fans"...somehow conjures up images of crazed, bearded, malt-lovers with faces painted blue hurling bottles of Clan MacGregor if they don't get the good stuff. Come to think of it...that sounds pretty accurate. Also, there's this article … Continue reading Ardbeg Fans: A Tsunami-like Horde.

James Beard Semifinalists

Well, since the Olympics are happening, might as well throw some food & drink awards into the mix as well.  The James Beard Award semifinalists were announced today.  Among the nominess, there were a few of  whisky-related note in the Outstanding Wine & Spirits Professional category: Clear Creek Distillery, Portland, OR Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery, … Continue reading James Beard Semifinalists

Rollercoaster Release…

I was gonna make an amusement park pun, but then figured there's already too many whisky blogs, I don't need to make more bad puns at the same time.  Restraint, my boy, restraint. So, Ardbeg Rollercoaster was unleashed into the wild today.  Early reviews seem...positive, if less than blown away.  It's Ardbeg, I think everyone … Continue reading Rollercoaster Release…

Cooley, Malt Advocate’s Distillery of the Year

I was excited to see Malt Advocate's John Hansell announce Cooley as their Distillery of the Year.  Though I've not tasted nearly enough, I've always loved Irish Whiskey (Red Breast 12 yr. Old being a huge favorite) and recently thought it was too bad that Ireland's few distilleries were not making the same kind of … Continue reading Cooley, Malt Advocate’s Distillery of the Year

Ardbeg Rollercoaster Since it now seems like every Ardbeg release is a major event (for good reason), count me in amongst the excited and most likely amongst the excited who probably won't be able to get a bottle.  The Rollercoaster apparently is a vatting of 10 differently aged casks from 1997 to 2006 and will be … Continue reading Ardbeg Rollercoaster

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