Wisconsin Bourbon!

Being a good Wisconsin boy and even more specifically a Milwaukee boy, I’m pretty excited to see the Great Lakes Distillery is creating the state’s first bourbon whiskey since prohibition. On March 20 they’ll be hosting a release party at the distillery, selling bottles of this special small batch spirit.  The distillery has already garnered great reviews of their gin and vodka, hopefully that hot streak will continue with their bourbon.

It’s great to see boutique distilling catching on in Wisconsin, with the likes of Death’s Door Spirits and Great Lakes Distillery, there’s no reason a great beer state can’t be a great whiskey state, too.

Great Lakes Distillery Bourbon Release Party
Great Lakes Distillery
616 W. Virginia St.
Milwaukee, WI 53204
5:30pm – 8:30pm

3 thoughts on “Wisconsin Bourbon!

  1. This was a very disappointing event. The party was supposed to start at 5:30. We arrived at 5:45. I figured how could they sell 263 bottles in 15 minutes. We were met at the door by a rather large gentleman (because they thought he would be the least likely to be beaten up by an angry mob) who explained to us that people had started lining up at 2:00, and they had given out tickets to the first 263 people so they could purchase a bottle.

    However he assured us that we could still get a sample tasting inside. Not true. So then we were told we could buy a shot for $8. Also not true. It was all gone.

    From those people still standing around with their purchased bottle we could see that the bottle was not 750ml, but we never got close enough to see what it actually was. I did manage to ask one patron how much they were charging for it and he said $45.

    I personally think that $45 is quite a bit for a bourbon that is barely aged 3 years. And definitely quite a bit for a small bottle of it. I will very happily stay with something like the Evan Williams 10 yr Single Barrel, or Woodford Reserve, or even Wild Turkey 101.

    I don’t mind paying for what one gets. I’ve tasted and kept notes on 662 different scotch whiskies, and if you know scotch you know that there aren’t many of themn that start at $45.

    After this disappointment I stopped at The Whiskey Bar in downtow3n Milwaukee and had a great conversation, and a wee dram or two, with the owner and bar manager there. They are very knowledgeable and have a high quality selection of scotch, bourbon, and Irish whiskies. They saved my day.

  2. Sorry to hear the event was disappointing for you, it sounds like they didn’t anticipate such a big response! Unfortunate for those that missed out, but, I guess, a good sign for the small batch whiskey market in general. As for the size of the bottle, I had read a week or two before the event about the details of the run so that information was out there. Price-wise, yeah, $45 is tough to swallow but it’s also in line with other boutique distillery whiskies (Tuthilltown, for example, is about the same price). These people are bottling in the hundreds not in the tens of thousands…we’re gonna pay for that unique-ness.

    I’m glad The Whiskey Bar saved the evening, I’ll have to check the place out next time I’m home!

    Thanks for the update on the event, I appreciate it.

  3. Right now I’m having a (can’t say a wee dram, since it’s bourbon, would that be a “slug”) of Eagle Rare Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. And very nice at $22.99. Even more glad that I didn’t waste it on the Great Lakes.

    And I will be joining your Dad with that Highland Park this evening! He’s a very good friend of mine.

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