Top Whisky-type stuff list of 2011

Yeah, another year has come and gone. 2011 was a fairly tumultuous one for me, and due to circumstances totally within my control, I didn't spend as much time with whisky as I have in the past, which was fine with me and most likely fine with my liver. However, this isn't to say that … Continue reading Top Whisky-type stuff list of 2011


White Dog & Un-aged Whiskey at 18 Reasons

Postponed until September 29th. stay tuned for details. The next tasting I'm hosting at 18 reasons is a raw one. All the other tastings that I hosted there have been filled with whiskies raging from 2 to 18 years old. This time around, we'll be focusing on the new stuff, none of that sittin' around … Continue reading White Dog & Un-aged Whiskey at 18 Reasons

Indian and Japanese Whisky at 18 Reasons

I'll be leading another tasting at 18 Reasons on Monday, July 18th, this time around taking an introductory look at Japanese and Indian whiskies by tasting three expressions each from Suntory and Amrut. While Japan's interesting whisky history is not very long, they are certainly renowned for their version of Scottish stuff...unfortunately, very few are … Continue reading Indian and Japanese Whisky at 18 Reasons

Bourbon & Rye at 18 Reasons

I'm happy to say the event is sold out!  Third sell out in a row... I'll be leading a Bourbon & Rye tasting/class at 18 Reasons on Tuesday, March 22. We'll take an introductory look at these two distinctly American spirits, talk a bit about their history and taste 3 examples of each including Evan Williams … Continue reading Bourbon & Rye at 18 Reasons

Introduction to Scotch at 18 Reasons

I'll be leading an Introduction to Scotch class at 18 Reasons next Tuesday, February 22. We'll take a quick run through the garden of Scotch Whisky history, talk a bit about how the stuff is made, and then taste our way through the six main regions. For this class, I'll be pouring representative, affordable, and … Continue reading Introduction to Scotch at 18 Reasons

Whisk(e)y classes at 18 Reasons

"He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches." - George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman (1903) "Maxims for Revolutionists" Among the many things I cannot do are:  wrestle a bear and win, hurl 1000 lb boulders from a high peak down upon unsuspecting villagers, knit a sweater, get any satisfaction, understand any math past high school geometry, … Continue reading Whisk(e)y classes at 18 Reasons