Whisky Roundtable #10

March has come in like a lion, whatever that means. Here in San Francisco, March 1st was kinda gray, no real rain, high 40’s…so, it came it more like maybe a wet ferret, but who cares. A new month means a new Whisky Roundtable, this time hosted by the far-too-serious men of the Edinburgh Whisky Blog. This month’s question focuses on a subject near and dear to my heart….packaging.

Here’s the question:

This month we would like to ask you about something which is not often discussed by geeks like us – packaging! We all know how important it is for whisky brands to have that extra pull factor on the shelf. But are you personally suckers for a pretty bottle or could you not care less? Are you all for traditional or do you like to see modern designs creeping into this conservative industry? And finally, since it’s awards season, let us know what was in your opinion the sexiest and the ugliest packaging of 2010!

And here are our responses…


2 thoughts on “Whisky Roundtable #10

  1. I used to be a graphic designer, so this is a topic dear to my heart.

    For a modern design, I love the Big Peat labeling. Hugely expressive and appropriate to the style of whisky.

    In a more classical style, but still very impactful, Hedonism Maximus. And if you’ve ever tasted the stuff…Oh Baby!

    For 2010 specific packaging I also think the Flaming Heart 10th Anni bottle is nice.

    1. Well, I guess we’ll agree to disagree on the Big Peat label, Mark…I can’t stand that one. But I totally agree with you on the Flaming Heart 10, great looking bottle. I think Compass Box does a good job in general with their packaging.

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