Whisky Roundtable #21

This month's Whisky Roundtable is hosted by those lovable rapscallions over at the Edinburgh Whisky Blog. They've put us on the spot as to our views on distilleries releasing new make/clearac or young, not-quite-whisky. Here's their question to us all: In recent years we’ve seen a good few releases of not-quite-whisky-yet or spirit-that-dares-to-command-a-price. Whether kissed … Continue reading Whisky Roundtable #21


Whisky Roundtable #10

March has come in like a lion, whatever that means. Here in San Francisco, March 1st was kinda gray, no real rain, high 40's...so, it came it more like maybe a wet ferret, but who cares. A new month means a new Whisky Roundtable, this time hosted by the far-too-serious men of the Edinburgh Whisky … Continue reading Whisky Roundtable #10

Rollercoaster Release…

I was gonna make an amusement park pun, but then figured there's already too many whisky blogs, I don't need to make more bad puns at the same time.  Restraint, my boy, restraint. So, Ardbeg Rollercoaster was unleashed into the wild today.  Early reviews seem...positive, if less than blown away.  It's Ardbeg, I think everyone … Continue reading Rollercoaster Release…