Whisky Roundtable #10

March has come in like a lion, whatever that means. Here in San Francisco, March 1st was kinda gray, no real rain, high 40's...so, it came it more like maybe a wet ferret, but who cares. A new month means a new Whisky Roundtable, this time hosted by the far-too-serious men of the Edinburgh Whisky … Continue reading Whisky Roundtable #10


Big Peat Small Batch “Blended” Islay Malt

I like to think that I'm a steely rock, inscrutable and impenetrable to the grasping wiles of advertisers and their kerned and pantone-d ministrations, but really, I'm just as much of a sucker for good packaging and marketing as the next guy. Ardbeg, for example, does a masterful job mixing the tradition and mythos of … Continue reading Big Peat Small Batch “Blended” Islay Malt