Whisky Roundtable #24

It’s fallen to me to host this month’s Roundtable, the subject being distillery tours. We’re trying out a new format at the moment, the member’s will post their own responses in the comments section below, thereby making it a little easier to interact with individual comments as well as with the whole group.

Here’s the question I’ve posed to the group this month:

What makes for a positive distillery tour experience? How much of a role does the visitor center play in the experience? The access to the facility? The distillery manager or tour guide? 

Having just returned from my first trip to Scotland to visit distilleries…it’s safe to say visiting distilleries is on my mind. I’m guessing we’ve all done a bit of distillery visiting, be it to Scotch behemoths or small American craft distillers, what has made these visits a positive experience for you? 

Have at it, people!


Whisky Roundtable #22

The somewhat dashing assortment of characters that make up the Whisky Roundtable have reconvened for another month. This time around our host is Gal from Whisky Israel and the subject is multiple aging locations – do they benefit a whisky or is pretty much a PR stunt? Here’s his question to us all:

“Lately we’ve seen a few examples of distilleries aging their whisky in two (or more) locations until full maturation. Amrut has done quite a few of those with their “Herlad” aged on Helgoland (a wee German island) and the “Two continents”. In Israel the IWC has bought a few casks from the Arran distillery and aged them on holy land for periods of 2-3 years in various locations (Tiberias, Jerusalem etc).

What are your views on those methods? Do multiple maturation locations (of the same cask) something that makes whisky better or is it a PR stunt?”

…and here are our responses.

Whisky Roundtable #21

This month’s Whisky Roundtable is hosted by those lovable rapscallions over at the Edinburgh Whisky Blog. They’ve put us on the spot as to our views on distilleries releasing new make/clearac or young, not-quite-whisky.

Here’s their question to us all:

In recent years we’ve seen a good few releases of not-quite-whisky-yet or spirit-that-dares-to-command-a-price. Whether kissed by Quercus Robur tannins for 4 months or just plain clearac, do you think this is something new distilleries or ones with severely depleted stocks should be doing?

…and here are our responses.

Whisky Roundtable #20

As you may have noticed, I’ve been pretty much AWOL from this whole blog thing for a couple of weeks. Sorry about that, but sometimes real life is a bit more important and more fun than writing about whisky. Unfortunately, this busy time also meant that I had to miss the most recent Whisky Roundtable which sallied forth without me just fine.

The most recent Roundtable is hosted by Keith over at the Whisky Emporium where he queries us all on the big whisky shows we plan on attending and what we hope to gain from the experience. Here’s his three-part question:

1 – Which, if any, festivals are you planning or hoping to attend this year?

2 – What dictates your choice(s) here; Is it location and perhaps ease of travel, or is it more?

3 – What do hope to get from festivals?  Meeting people, trying new editions, bringing samples away to try later or anything else?

…and here are the responses.

Whisky Roundtable #19

This month’s question was posed to us by Karen & Matt from Whisky For Everyone and was a lot of fun to answer. No burning industry questions or  soap-boxing this month, just a perfectly timed holiday challenge for us to introduce our favorite booze to family members who might not, shall we say, share our sane enthusiasm.

Here’s the question:

We at Whisky For Everyone are this month’s hosts of The Whisky Round Table and we have decided to set our fellow members a challenge.  It’s that celebration time of the year again and be it through one holiday or another, religious or otherwise, we expect that all the Knights will be catching up with their families. Presuming that, like us, they will all be asked questions such as “what have you been up to this year?” and “so, how’s the world of whisky?”, our challenge is about engaging those ‘non-whisky’ family members. Here goes …

Pick two or three members of your family and select a whisky drink (this can be straight dram, with a mixer or elaborate cocktail) or whisky & food pairing that you think they will like. Try to mix it up – pick an auntie who ‘hates whisky following a bad experience’, your brother who always asks “what’s the best thing you’ve tried this week?” or your dad who you are just trying to impress. You get the idea … hopefully! Make them begin to understand about the fantastic spirit that is whisky and why we all love it so much.

…and here are our replies.

Whisky Roundtable #18

As the holidays approach, most of us are finding ourselves far too busy even drink whisky let alone write long, well-conceived treatises about stuff. Actually, who am I kidding, there’s always time to drink the whisky…there’s just not always time to write long, well-conceived treatises about the stuff. With that in mind, Roundtable founder Jason, of Guid Scotch Drink, has thrown us a quick-hit question perfect for this gift-giving time of year…

“Holiday season is fast approaching for many folk.  What’s the one whisky and one whisky book that you recommend to the most people?”

…you can find our succinct responses here.

Whisky Roundtable #17

October’s Whisky Roundtable is hosted by the redoubtable Neil & Joel from Caskstrength. They’ve boldly queried us all on the whisky myths we’ve all encountered on our blogs and in the tastings and tours we’ve led. Speaking of myths, Neil is an accomplished needlepoint artist with a license to engineer all but the largest trains and Joel once shared the cramped but romantic confines of a business class bathroom with Twiggy.

Here’s their question:

Dave Broom wrote an interesting article recently on the most common myths surrounding drinking whisky, highlighting a lot of existing anxieties people associate with the spirit.

What myths have you encountered from your readers and how would you help demystify them to encourage a wider (and younger audience) to enjoy whisky?

…and here are our replies.