Rollercoaster Release…

I was gonna make an amusement park pun, but then figured there’s already too many whisky blogs, I don’t need to make more bad puns at the same time.  Restraint, my boy, restraint.

So, Ardbeg Rollercoaster was unleashed into the wild today.  Early reviews seem…positive, if less than blown away.  It’s Ardbeg, I think everyone knows it will most likely be pretty darn good, it also has a lot to live up to given all the rave reviews of Corryvreckan, Supernova and Uigeadail.

Here’s what the Edinburgh Whiksy Blog guys had to say…

…and here’s what the Caskstrength guys thought…(love the Menswe@r analogy)

…and a good review from Whisky For Everyone.

In San Francisco, D&M Wines on Fillmore says they will have it, You can call them, put your name on the list and they’ll contact everyone once it’s in.  Cask is also trying to get some in.


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