Whisky Roundtable #18

As the holidays approach, most of us are finding ourselves far too busy even drink whisky let alone write long, well-conceived treatises about stuff. Actually, who am I kidding, there’s always time to drink the whisky…there’s just not always time to write long, well-conceived treatises about the stuff. With that in mind, Roundtable founder Jason, of Guid Scotch Drink, has thrown us a quick-hit question perfect for this gift-giving time of year…

“Holiday season is fast approaching for many folk.  What’s the one whisky and one whisky book that you recommend to the most people?”

…you can find our succinct responses here.


2 thoughts on “Whisky Roundtable #18

  1. I need some advice. Most ratings put Tomatin 18 yo well above the Tomatin Decades. The 18yo sells for about $60 The Decades$100. Any first hand experience. Best, David

    1. I haven’t spent much time with Tomatins, I tried the range for the first time at a recent WhiskyFest and if I remember correctly (things are a bit fuzzy), I enjoyed the 18yo more than the decades, though I thought both were decent. For the $$$, I think the 18yo is the better buy.

      Hope that’s of some help…

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