Whisky Roundtable #20

As you may have noticed, I’ve been pretty much AWOL from this whole blog thing for a couple of weeks. Sorry about that, but sometimes real life is a bit more important and more fun than writing about whisky. Unfortunately, this busy time also meant that I had to miss the most recent Whisky Roundtable which sallied forth without me just fine.

The most recent Roundtable is hosted by Keith over at the Whisky Emporium where he queries us all on the big whisky shows we plan on attending and what we hope to gain from the experience. Here’s his three-part question:

1 – Which, if any, festivals are you planning or hoping to attend this year?

2 – What dictates your choice(s) here; Is it location and perhaps ease of travel, or is it more?

3 – What do hope to get from festivals?  Meeting people, trying new editions, bringing samples away to try later or anything else?

…and here are the responses.


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