Whisky Roundtable #9

Well, that month went by in a hurry.

For this month’s Roundtable, Karen & Matt from Whisky For Everyone threw us a little curve-ball. Instead of gathering our fascinating and diverse views on Lyne Arm length and a diameter, they asked us to divulge our “dirty little whisky secrets”. They wanted to know which run-of-the-mill, everyday, big box store whisk(e)y holds a special place in our cask-strength, indie-bottled hearts and why. This one certainly proved to be a bit more fun than some of the others…

Here’s the question:

What is your whisky ‘dirty little secret’?  That’s the whisky that you always enjoy but would never let your ‘whisky connoisseur’ friends know that you do (apart from us!).  It is the big brand/well-known name that you may drink when out or the one that always sits in your whisky cupboard, alongside your limited edition cask strength bottlings from those niche distilleries.  Tell us why it is your ‘dirty little secret’ whisky, as we like a good story.

…and here are our responses.


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