Bacon Bourbon for Breakfast at Serpentine

Granted, the whole everything bacon craze has gone too far and far too mainstream to really be taken seriously anymore but that doesn't mean that bacon didn't warrant all the attention in the first place. Bacon is an innocent victim here, it's not bacon's fault it's so delicious, it's the fault of the fad-obsessed, must-create-something-unique-to-be-accepted-by-the-collective … Continue reading Bacon Bourbon for Breakfast at Serpentine


Bulleit (95) Rye Small Batch American Whiskey – Review

There's no surer sign of Rye Whiskey's comeback than Diageo's recent release and marketing of its Bulleit (95) Rye Small Batch American Whiskey (oddly, though, website). If a huge beverage conglomerate like that decides to put out a complex, high rye content whiskey like this, you know that somebody's decided for damn sure that there's money … Continue reading Bulleit (95) Rye Small Batch American Whiskey – Review

Bourbon & Rye at 18 Reasons

I'm happy to say the event is sold out!  Third sell out in a row... I'll be leading a Bourbon & Rye tasting/class at 18 Reasons on Tuesday, March 22. We'll take an introductory look at these two distinctly American spirits, talk a bit about their history and taste 3 examples of each including Evan Williams … Continue reading Bourbon & Rye at 18 Reasons

Whisky Roundtable #9

Well, that month went by in a hurry. For this month's Roundtable, Karen & Matt from Whisky For Everyone threw us a little curve-ball. Instead of gathering our fascinating and diverse views on Lyne Arm length and a diameter, they asked us to divulge our "dirty little whisky secrets". They wanted to know which run-of-the-mill, … Continue reading Whisky Roundtable #9

The Roubaix – a whiskey cocktail.

Last weekend my favorite cycling race, Paris Roubaix, was held on narrow, treacherous roads between Compiègne and Roubaix in Northern France.  The race is one of the oldest on the cycling calendar, with the first edition being run in 1896, and is one of the most enigmatic, unique, and difficult.  At around 260 kilometers, the … Continue reading The Roubaix – a whiskey cocktail.

WhiskyFest 2010

Last year, we attended WhiskyFest in San Francisco for the first time and were summarily overwhelmed.  If you're a whisky fan, a show like this is not to be missed.  The entire show...hell, the entire week leading up to the show, I had this nervous, panicky feeling that I had to try every single item … Continue reading WhiskyFest 2010