Ace Spirits, Hopkins, Minnesota

Opening in the middle of March this year and taking advantage of the boom in both whisk(e)y and craft beer, Ace Spirits in Hopkins (southwest of Minneapolis by 20 minutes or so) is a small booze haven focusing on...whisk(e)y and craft beer. It's advertising itself as having "every whisky available in the state" which of … Continue reading Ace Spirits, Hopkins, Minnesota


Healthy Spirits – Store review

San Francisco is awash in small corner grocery/liquor/small deli stores. In some neighborhoods it's not unusual to see two stores kitty-corner from each other, learing across the intersection. Most sell pretty much all the same items and manage to eek out a living by selling mostly beer, ice cream and snacks. They are in the … Continue reading Healthy Spirits – Store review

The Whisky Shop, San Francisco, CA

In nearly the last place you'd expect to find a cache of great whisky in San Francisco, The Whisky Shop is nestled in the back... wait, ok, let me rephrase that. The Whisky Shop is nestled in the back of Wm. Glen & Son, a great Scottish imports store, which really is a pretty perfect … Continue reading The Whisky Shop, San Francisco, CA

Rollercoaster Release…

I was gonna make an amusement park pun, but then figured there's already too many whisky blogs, I don't need to make more bad puns at the same time.  Restraint, my boy, restraint. So, Ardbeg Rollercoaster was unleashed into the wild today.  Early reviews seem...positive, if less than blown away.  It's Ardbeg, I think everyone … Continue reading Rollercoaster Release…

Blue Max Liquors

A few years ago, the only thing I knew about Burnsville, Minnesota was Buck Hill, a ski & sledding...hill and even more importantly the inspiration for The Replacements' "Buck Hill". It turns out, if you look in the back of a Malt Advocate issue, there's a fantastic Scotch and beer store there as well, Blue Max … Continue reading Blue Max Liquors