Top Whisky-type Stuff (or not) List for 2015

As much as I love year-end lists, I'm beginning to realize that I like reading them far more than I like putting them together. I would happily skip writing such a list if it weren't for my unfortunate love of trite traditions. Alack, here we are again, stumbling blindly and listing a bit to the left, … Continue reading Top Whisky-type Stuff (or not) List for 2015


Top Whisky-type Stuff (or not) List for 2014

Looking back over the previous year-end lists I've put up, there's a distinct trend to them all. Each year I sound surprised and disappointed that I didn't explore the world of whisky as much as I wanted...and by the time the next year's list rolls around, I've explored it all even less. Such is life, … Continue reading Top Whisky-type Stuff (or not) List for 2014

Whisky-Related Stocking Stuffers for 2014

Well, here we are again and already. It seems as if we were just celebrating the Winter holidays and now, we're just supposed to start celebrating them all over again. Here in Minnesota this might be due to the fact that Winter routinely stretches well into April. Summer snuck by quickly as it was a relatively … Continue reading Whisky-Related Stocking Stuffers for 2014

Bourbon, Straight – Book Review

With bourbon's popularity soaring, it was inevitable that more and more books on the subject start popping up on shelves. Ahead of a couple new releases due this Fall, I thought I'd take a quick look at one of my favorite bourbon-based books, Bourbon, Straight, by Charles (Chuck) K. Cowdery. Cowdery has long been one of … Continue reading Bourbon, Straight – Book Review