AnCnoc 22 Year Old – Review

*Sincere thanks to LD of Alembic Communications Ltd. and AnCnoc for the sample If you go looking for the AnCnoc distillery, you're not going to find it...there's no such place. If you go  looking for Knockdhu whisky on your liquor store're not going to find that either. Yet both Knockdhu and AnCnoc exist and … Continue reading AnCnoc 22 Year Old – Review


Top Whisky-type stuff List of 2012…

Well, 2012 is pretty much in the books. According to some idiots the world was supposed to end on December 21st...if it did, no one told me about it, so here I am, trying to put together another year-end list at the last minute. It's been another fairly crazy year for me, and while whisky … Continue reading Top Whisky-type stuff List of 2012…

Where the hell have I been, you ask?

Yes, I realize this blog's been a little quiet lately...sorry about that. I don't like to make excuses but I've got plenty of them, and since I make excuses all the time, I'm certainly not going to stop now. So what gives, where the hell have I been? Well, for the better part of the last … Continue reading Where the hell have I been, you ask?