Where the hell have I been, you ask?

Yes, I realize this blog’s been a little quiet lately…sorry about that. I don’t like to make excuses but I’ve got plenty of them, and since I make excuses all the time, I’m certainly not going to stop now. So what gives, where the hell have I been? Well, for the better part of the last few weeks, I’ve been home in San Francisco, chasing my 15 month-old son all over town, simultaneously trying to be that cool parent who doesn’t over-protect their kid while also frantically trying to prevent him from doing any more damage than he already has. I’ll be honest, I like my son a hell of a lot more than I like whisky so given the choice…he wins pretty much all of the time. That said, I have a lot of whisky to guzzle and hanging out with a toddler for any decent amount of time is enough to drive anyone to drink, so it was only a matter of time before I got back to the Water of Life.

I was also lucky enough to visit Scotland for just under a week. The excellent people at Inver House/International Beverage and Alembic Communications had decided, quite clairvoyantly I might add, that I needed to tour their Pulteney, Balblair, Speyburn, and Knockdhu distilleries. They were absolutely right, I DID need to tour these beautiful distilleries and I’ll be eternally grateful to all involved for the opportunity. You can bet that I’ll be writing a bit more on that subject in the (hopefully) near future. In the meantime…whisky, I’m back, baby…


7 thoughts on “Where the hell have I been, you ask?

  1. Hey Peter Man! (Sorry. Office Space just popped into my head! At least I didn’t say “That chic looks like Anne!”.)

    You are absolutely correct. Children are wonderful (I have two sons. One is 7, the other 4), but the need to “medicate” comes often once they are asleep (I do TRY to be responsible and refrain from drinking when they are in my midst), especially when they start talking (what I really mean to say is talking back).

    A week in Scotland? You lucky devil! Can’t wait to read all about it.

    Cheers and welcome back!

    1. Thanks G-LO. My problem lately is that after the kid falls asleep(7:00), I’ve got about an hour and 37 minutes before my eyes start closing(8:37). It’s just sad, really.

      1. My problem is that I like to stay up as late as possible, so I wind up going to bed at around midnight every night (sometimes later. rarely earlier), but still out of bed by 6:30AM. I guess that as long as I can still function, then it’s all ok. Give yourself some time. You’ll adjust.

  2. Peter,
    Welcome back indeed! Funny I was just working on my “I’m sorry I’ve been away” post! Glad I’m not alone. Sometimes, life is going so quickly you just don’t have time to stop and write about it! As a regular reader of your blog, you were missed but not forgotten … not in the slightest.

    Can’t wait to read about your travels & see the photos – I’m sure it was an amazing trip.

    I’ll toast you this evening in a “getting back to blogging” salute 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Allison! I’ll hopefully be writing up the trip in the next few weeks…there’s a lot to cover!

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