Anchor Distilling’s Old Potrero 18th Century Spirit – Review

Finally, a chance to write about the history of a place I've actually spent a fair amount of time in! The "Portrero" in Anchor Distilling's Old Potrero 18th Century Spirit refers to the area/neighborhood on the east side of San Francisco where the Anchor Brewery and Distillery currently resides. Today, it's referred to as Potrero Hill, … Continue reading Anchor Distilling’s Old Potrero 18th Century Spirit – Review


San Francisco’s WhiskyWeek, 2011

In San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, the week before The Whisky Advocate's WhiskyFest (Oct. 7, Nov. 1, Mar. 23, respectively) is affectionately known as WhiskyWeek. I know, I know, around your house as it is around my house...every week is whisky week, but in these towns, the days around the big expo are packed … Continue reading San Francisco’s WhiskyWeek, 2011

San Francisco Cocktail Week, 9/19/11 – 9/25/11

San Francisco has always had a rich drinking history. Hotaling's whisky, Bill Boothby, Pisco Punch, Acme Beer, Anchor Brewing & Distilling, all these and many more have contributed to a rich past that has significantly influenced today's reverential, artisanal cocktail movement. Celebrating this past, present, and bright future, San Francisco Cocktail Week. Presented by the Barbary Coast … Continue reading San Francisco Cocktail Week, 9/19/11 – 9/25/11

Bourbon & Rye at 18 Reasons

I'm happy to say the event is sold out!  Third sell out in a row... I'll be leading a Bourbon & Rye tasting/class at 18 Reasons on Tuesday, March 22. We'll take an introductory look at these two distinctly American spirits, talk a bit about their history and taste 3 examples of each including Evan Williams … Continue reading Bourbon & Rye at 18 Reasons

Anchor Brewery & Distillery has been sold

Woke up this morning to the news that Fritz Maytag has sold Anchor Brewery and Distillery.  Seems like it's the end of an era...two eras, maybe.  Mr. Maytag and Anchor were pioneers not only in microbrewing but in craft distilling as well, inspiring companies around the world to head down the same path. The good … Continue reading Anchor Brewery & Distillery has been sold

Recap – Whiskies of the World Expo

After going to WhiskyFest last year, I thought, "holy crap, malt overload...I don't need to do that again for another 2 or 3 years."  Well, about 5 months later, where do I find myself?  Yep, another big whisky show, this time around it was the Whiskies of the World Expo (let's call it WoW, shall … Continue reading Recap – Whiskies of the World Expo

Whisky Cocktails at Bourbon & Branch

There is no surer sign that this whole cocktalian revolution has gotten out of hand than the two small jars of homemade bitters infusing in my kitchen as we speak.  I can barely get out the door without someone shoving some rye & whipped egg-white combination in my face. Cocktails unearthed from the Crimean War featuring … Continue reading Whisky Cocktails at Bourbon & Branch

WhiskyFest 2010

Last year, we attended WhiskyFest in San Francisco for the first time and were summarily overwhelmed.  If you're a whisky fan, a show like this is not to be missed.  The entire show...hell, the entire week leading up to the show, I had this nervous, panicky feeling that I had to try every single item … Continue reading WhiskyFest 2010