400th Post…

IMG_8392I wasn’t sure if I was going to mark the occasion of The Casks 400th post with something special, just another review, or…I don’t know, a video of me sabering a bottle of vintage Pol Roger Brut while doing an ancient clog dance last performed by a bunch of drunk Jacobites in Killiecrankie. My impulse was not to go overboard and try something fancy because, lord knows, it’s been tricky enough just to get another review out lately. Then again, I thought, that’s precisely why I should single out the occasion.

Certainly there are many other blogs out there with far more posts, posting with far more regularity, and regularly being far more in touch with the whole whisky scene, but that’s beside the point. When I started this thing, five and a half years ago in 2010, I didn’t really have any expectation as to its longevity or any sort of relative popularity. The blog has always been mostly a way to catalog my experiences with the whisky world and partly a half-baked, mostly pointless social media experiment. I’m happy to report that the social media experiment part has more or less ended without generating any conclusive conclusions. The cataloging part rolls on, though. I don’t drink as much whisky as I used to, and I don’t leap out the door every time I get wind of a tasting, but I still enjoy exploring the booze and all its related history…especially the related history. I recently discovered that I own twice as many books about whisky as I do bottles of whisky. Granted this was after trimming my “collection” down to a few dozen bottles, but still, it’s telling. All those books have been opened, by the way, I can’t say the same thing about the bottles.

Ruben from WhiskyNotes (Belgium), Marc from Whisky Brother (South Africa), and myself sneaking around Brora in the rain. Photo by Darren Rook.

The best and most unexpected by-product of having this blog has been meeting all the good people in and around the whisky industry/community. It has been great fun to watch (with a twinge of envy, too) several of the writers and bloggers who befriended and supported me early on, turn their passion in to their livelihood. Equally, it’s been a pleasure to forge relationships within the industry that, through their generosity and expertise, have helped me expand my own experience. I would never have guessed that grabbing a domain name and using a free blogging platform would have introduced me to so many great people and places. The stats for The Casks show that over the years, it’s been read by people all over the world…that is astounding to me and humbling.

Will I make it to 500 posts? I have no fucking idea, that’s the main reason why I thought it best to celebrate 400 posts. Thank you, sincerely, for coming along on this ride.


8 thoughts on “400th Post…

  1. Congratulations on your #400. Certainly a big enough big deal. Not many people stay with something that long, especially if it’s not generating tons of money. Although I understand it has brought a considerable number of whiskies to your door. I, too, keep a record of sorts, which has allowed me to meet a lot of people and try whiskies that I would have not gotten to otherwise. I have kept notes on 1,247 different scotch whiskies, and around 300 whiskies from around the world. I am one of three “scotch masters” for the St. Andrew’s Society of Milwaukee (yes, your Dad is a good friend of mine). Monday night I conducted a tasting for the Society with the theme of “Selections from my top 100”. So many of those have either disappeared or were too expensive for the occasion (100 people attended, 3 bottles of each were required), but I think we did OK. I have enjoyed your posts, keep up the good work.

    1. Well, Well! Congrats on 400 POSTS!!!
      Well done, sir. …And almost always interesting on at least SOME level.
      One Question: After reading this post, particularly where it said; ‘All those books have been opened…’
      How does one drink a book? HA!

    2. Thank you, Harold, nice to hear from you. My dad shared the line-up for your top 100 tasting, sounds like it was a great evening! Notes on 1500+ whiskies…not sure I’ll ever hit those lofty heights. Sláinte mhaith, sir!

  2. Congratulations!!! An impressive achievement and.. while I more recently stumbled across your blog… quite enjoy your explorations! Looking forward to further tasting adventures and whatever else tickles your fancy! (aka Whisky Lady in India)

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