Whiskey On Ice, Minneapolis finally gets a big whisk(e)y show…

whiskyoniceIn just two months time Minneapolis will play host to its first large-scale (at least in recent memory) whisk(e)y show. Having moved from San Francisco where there were three big whisky shows annually, I’ve missed having a big event here in the Twin Cities area. The food and drink scene here is thriving, certainly not as much as the almost comically frantic scenes in SF, NY, and LA, but that’s actually a good thing. People here do know their food and drink, so I think the area is definitely ready for a major event such as this.

Whiskey On Ice is being held downtown in the historic Depot, a beautiful former Milwaukee Road rail depot designed by Charles Frost and built in 1899. The Depot ceased its train activity in 1971, but the buildings have remained in use. In 1998, 20 years after being placed on the register of Historic Places, the site was redeveloped and today features two hotels, two bars/restaurants, banquet and meeting rooms, a small museum, and…AND…an indoor water park and ice skating rink. The ice rink is in what used to be the old rail shed, a long, trussed-roofed building the likes of which is rarely seen these days.

Indeed, Whiskey on Ice will take place in The Depot’s shed, hence the “on ice” part of the name. While I have not confirmed this, I’m fairly certain there will be some kind of non-slip surface in place over the ice for the event. Bipeds, alcohol, and ice is recipe for hilarious (and potentially libelous) disaster – no one wants that. So far there are over 80 participants from Scotland, the U.S., Ireland, Canada, Japan, France, India, Taiwan, and Tasmania, pouring their booze. Quite a few “craft” distilleries are included amongst the expected big names as well. Whisky on Ice is also offering four masterclasses/seminars that will be held earlier in the day before the main event.

Here are the details:

Whiskey On Ice
Sunday, April 12, 2015
  -Master classes begin at 1:30
  -VIP tasting begins at 4:00
  -Main event runs from 5:00-8:00pm.
The Depot
225 South 3rd Avenue
Minneapolis, MN  55401
Tickets available here. 
VIP-$125,  General Admission-$75,  Masterclasses-$25


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