Whisky Roundtable #12

This month’s Whisky Roundtable comes all the way from Japan, from Chris Bunting, the mind behind Nonjatta, a fantastic site devoted to Japanese whisky. We need more of these fantastic Japanese whiskies here in the states, Nonjatta is a great site to visit if you want to drool enviously all over your keyboard.

Here are the questions:

“The socialite and art collector Peggy Gugenheim used to pour bottles of cheap blended whisky into premium bottles and, presumably, laugh down her sleeve at those sniffing and simpering over her drams. How confident are you of your whisky tasting skills? Is there any purpose to the pursuit of objectivity in whisky tasting (unless you work in the industry) or does it suck the joy out of a essentially subjective experience. Is it possible to categorize a sip in words and is something lost or gained in that process?”

…and here are our responses.


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