Whisky Roundtable #6

The Roundtable has reconvened for another month, this time around our host was the esteemed Mark Connelly of the WhiskyWhiskyWhisky Forum and the excellent Glasgow’s Whisky (And Ale) Blog. Mark is also the driving force behind the new Glasgow’s Whisky Festival which happens soon on November 13! As I’m sure putting on an event like this is all-consuming, it should surprise no one that Mark’s question to us all had to do with large scale whisky shows:

Since I’m organising my first whisky festival this month I really want to ask about this sort of event. Which whisky festivals do you attend? What makes a good festival (and a bad festival) and which is your favourite?

You can find our responses here.

Good luck with the festival Mark!


One thought on “Whisky Roundtable #6

  1. Here in SF we are luvky , to have 2 events ,
    Whiskyfest from Malt Advocate and Whiskies of the World.
    Your event for one is there in Scotland which makes it exciting in comparison to all the other whiskies from around the world .
    Please have plenty of food and water available throughout the event .
    I have never seen this done but choose a theme.
    Have discussion panels on tasting and nosing from other sources like Dave Broom , Ingvar Ronde etc
    For me the best fun are all the leadup events which we call whisky week , with proper notice given in advance about happenings.
    These events lead to a better understanding of distillers and their brands that create a bond and friendship only through small groups.
    Organize event by regions , of character of taste, light over to heavy.
    Give each and every one a parting gift either a book of a glass from the event .
    Make sure to publish photos or video soon after the event is over .
    Other wise have a great time and remember not to drink and drive , because you might spill it.

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