Whisky Roundtable #4

A new month is here, and in San Francisco, the coming of September means that Summer has finally begun! More importantly, a new month brings us a new Whisky Roundtable!  Every month, 12 esteemed (or at least, me and 11 esteemed) whisky writers  get together to weigh in on a question of weighty whisky importance.  This month’s roundtable is hosted by Rueben of Whisky Notes and concerns the occasionally baffling, always exciting world of Independent Bottlers…

Most beginners seem reluctant to buy independent bottlings, as distillery releases are said to have more credibility and a constant quality. What are your experiences with independent bottlers when it comes to quality, pricing, availability, creativity…? Also, please pick one of your favourite bottlers (or ranges) and tell us why you recommend them.

You can check out our responses here, at Whisky Notes.


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