Ardbeg & Graeme Obree

One more reason to love Ardbeg, as if I needed one…

Scotsman Graeme Obree is one the most enigmatic cyclists to throw a leg over a bike.  He won multiple world championship titles on the track and set the World Hour Record, by some considered the purest record in the sport, twice…on bikes largely designed and built by himself.  He nearly made it to the top of the professional ranks only to have personal problems and the outsider’s disdain for the 90’s doping culture derail his career before it had a chance to start.

As an ex-racer, Obree fan and (apparently) a whisky fan, I was struck dumb this morning when I read a twitter from Ardbeg announcing another event in their celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Committee.  The Ardbeg Gourmet Ride with Graeme Obree will be held on June 19th and is organized by the Velo Club d’Ardbeg.  How cool is that?   The ride will be a beautiful tour of Islay followed by dinner and evening with Mr. Obree. I’m guessing there will be Ardbeg involved at some point as well, tho’ I’d like to recommend not putting the stuff in your water bottles.

The cost will be £35, which will includes food and goodies.  You can contact Brian for more information:


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