The Roubaix – a whiskey cocktail.

Last weekend my favorite cycling race, Paris Roubaix, was held on narrow, treacherous roads between Compiègne and Roubaix in Northern France.  The race is one of the oldest on the cycling calendar, with the first edition being run in 1896, and is one of the most enigmatic, unique, and difficult.  At around 260 kilometers, the … Continue reading The Roubaix – a whiskey cocktail.


Ardbeg & Graeme Obree

One more reason to love Ardbeg, as if I needed one... Scotsman Graeme Obree is one the most enigmatic cyclists to throw a leg over a bike.  He won multiple world championship titles on the track and set the World Hour Record, by some considered the purest record in the sport, twice...on bikes largely designed … Continue reading Ardbeg & Graeme Obree