400th Post…

I wasn't sure if I was going to mark the occasion of The Casks 400th post with something special, just another review, or...I don't know, a video of me sabering a bottle of vintage Pol Roger Brut while doing an ancient clog dance last performed by a bunch of drunk Jacobites in Killiecrankie. My impulse was not … Continue reading 400th Post…


Once Again, Yet Another World’s Best Whisky…Again.

Back in November of 2014, Jim Murray "stunned" the whisky world by naming the Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 the "best whisky in the world". Oh, the humanity! Suddenly the best whisky in the world was no longer from Scotland and Scotch was roundly chastised for having let high quality slip through its peaty little … Continue reading Once Again, Yet Another World’s Best Whisky…Again.

April Fool’s Day Resolutions

  I'm going to buy more bottles of $100+ whisky because they must all be worth it. I'm going to start smoking cigars, because all that smoke really enhances one's sense of taste and takes the edge off all those young $100+ whiskies. I'm going to use Twitter more because it's so productive, and because … Continue reading April Fool’s Day Resolutions

Fifth Anniversary Internet Scavenger Hunt of Needlessly Esoteric Whisky-Related Trivia

For good or for ill, I started writing this blog five years ago this month. Five years...that seems like a long time to keep a blog going. I've certainly learned more about whisky than I ever imagined I'd learn about whisky, and learning about whisky was the primary motivation for starting all this in the … Continue reading Fifth Anniversary Internet Scavenger Hunt of Needlessly Esoteric Whisky-Related Trivia

Tamdhu 10 Year Old – Review

*Thanks to SF and the good folks at Impex Beverages for the sample. Tamdhu, like so many of the distilleries founded in the late 1800's, has a rather up and down history. Founded in 1896 by a group of no less than 15 blenders and merchants led by William Grant, Tamdhu was designed by the … Continue reading Tamdhu 10 Year Old – Review

Robbie Burns Night…

Arouse, my boys! exert your mettle, To get auld Scotland back her kettle; Or faith! I'll wad my new pleugh-pettle, Ye'll see 't or lang, She'll teach you, wi' a reekin whittle, Anither sang. This while she's been in crankous mood, Her lost Militia fir'd her bluid; (Deil na they never mair do guid, Play'd … Continue reading Robbie Burns Night…

The Casks v.2.0

Ah, so it appears I haven't disappeared after all. Sorry for the hiatus. Once again, real life reared its beautiful head and offered up some far more important things to do than write about whisky. This time around, the important thing just happened to be a small, old building that my wife and I purchased … Continue reading The Casks v.2.0