Whiskey On Ice 2016 Wrap Up

*A sincere thank you to MG and Whiskey On Ice for providing me with the media pass and the opportunity to attend the event as press. Well, the second annual Whiskey On Ice has come and gone. Last year's inaugural event was the first large-scale whiskey show in Minneapolis since...well, pretty much since forever. As far as … Continue reading Whiskey On Ice 2016 Wrap Up


Whiskey on Ice 2016 Update…

Back in October of last year, I wrote a quick post mentioning that the date was set and tickets were on sale for the 2016 edition of Whiskey On Ice. Back then, April seemed so far away, I felt a little silly for even looking that far ahead. Now, here we are a month away … Continue reading Whiskey on Ice 2016 Update…

Whiskey On Ice 2016

Last April, Minneapolis played host to the first big whisk(e)y show held in the Twin Cities in a long time, if not ever. With its unique venue and diverse pour list, Whiskey On Ice's inaugural run was great success. Thankfully, the event is returning in April of 2016 with another afternoon full of golden liquid … Continue reading Whiskey On Ice 2016