Whisky-Related Stocking Stuffers for 2018

I'm just going to be straight up honest here, I really don't feel like combing the interwebs for cool whisky/booze stuff. Whisky/booze is very popular at the moment, which means there's a lot of whisky/booze related stuff out there. Most of it is of the pretty dull/seen-it-before variety and I just don't have the patience … Continue reading Whisky-Related Stocking Stuffers for 2018


Whisky-Related Stocking Stuffers for 2017

What the hell, it feels like I was just writing last year's stocking stuffer post a few weeks ago. Time flies when you're having fun, I guess. In any case, here we are again, running headlong into that wonderful pagan holiday season that's been co-opted by some other group that now gets upset if you … Continue reading Whisky-Related Stocking Stuffers for 2017

Whisky-Related Stocking Stuffers for 2016

I was going to write something half-heartedly funny about starting up the war on Christmas again just because stores put up all their Christmas crap way too early. And because a certain group of people always tends to get a little hissy around this time of year if you don't celebrate the holidays exactly like they … Continue reading Whisky-Related Stocking Stuffers for 2016

Whiskey On Ice 2016 Wrap Up

*A sincere thank you to MG and Whiskey On Ice for providing me with the media pass and the opportunity to attend the event as press. Well, the second annual Whiskey On Ice has come and gone. Last year's inaugural event was the first large-scale whiskey show in Minneapolis since...well, pretty much since forever. As far as … Continue reading Whiskey On Ice 2016 Wrap Up

Whiskey on Ice 2016 Update…

Back in October of last year, I wrote a quick post mentioning that the date was set and tickets were on sale for the 2016 edition of Whiskey On Ice. Back then, April seemed so far away, I felt a little silly for even looking that far ahead. Now, here we are a month away … Continue reading Whiskey on Ice 2016 Update…

Whisky-Related Stocking Stuffers for 2015

Hang those stockings with care, people! Adorn that tannenbaum! Fire up that minora! Light those kinaras! Unsheath that Festivus Pole! Break out the lutefisk, the tangyuan, the latkes, the roast beast, the bûche de Noël, the vánoční rybí polévka, the Dundee cake, and the pasteles de hojas. Pour the gløgg, the cola de mono, the jiuniang, the ponche, and the whisk(e)y! … Continue reading Whisky-Related Stocking Stuffers for 2015

Whisky Related Stocking Stuffers, 2012 style

I hate to be busting out the Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving gets here, but what the hell, stores begin putting up Christmas stuff in, like, April now, so I don't feel too bad. Plus, I'd like to help you get a jump on your holiday shopping...mostly because I didn't get that many presents last year … Continue reading Whisky Related Stocking Stuffers, 2012 style

Whisky Related Stocking Stuffers…

Verily, the holiday season is upon us. The time of year when we're bombarded with the conflicting messages of "go out and shop!, buy more crap!" and "cozy up at home, and revel in the warmth of family!". If you're like me, you wish you had more time with the family and always end up … Continue reading Whisky Related Stocking Stuffers…