SMWSA 2012 Holiday Parcels…Part I

*A sincere thank you to the good folks at the SMWSA for the samples. The second 2012 "holiday" outturn from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America (SMWSA) was entitled "Holiday Parcels" and now that I've missed that boat and the holidays are long since over, I thought I'd take a three-part look at this … Continue reading SMWSA 2012 Holiday Parcels…Part I


Introduction to Scotch at 18 Reasons

I'll be leading an Introduction to Scotch class at 18 Reasons next Tuesday, February 22. We'll take a quick run through the garden of Scotch Whisky history, talk a bit about how the stuff is made, and then taste our way through the six main regions. For this class, I'll be pouring representative, affordable, and … Continue reading Introduction to Scotch at 18 Reasons

Springbank 15 Year Old – Review

I don't know who Saint Andrew was, I've never met the guy. He apparently was one of the 12 disciples, brother to Saint Peter, a fisherman, and could, in a pinch, play third base because he had a decent throwing arm. Like many saints of the day, Saint Andrew spent a lot of time travelling … Continue reading Springbank 15 Year Old – Review

Springbank 10 Year Old – Review

For the relatively uninitiated (like me), Campbeltown malts in general and Springbank in specific (which makes up most of the Campbeltown whiskies anyway, so...) hold a certain romantic appeal. They're like the bison (bison bison) of the whisky world, at one time so prevalent, traipsing their woolly bottles across the great plains of the Kintyre … Continue reading Springbank 10 Year Old – Review

Tasting Group 4.3.10 – 5 Single Malts

A group of us got together for the first of hopefully several whisky tastings this past weekend.  We all either walked, drove or took public transportation to our meeting place...none of us flew in on a private jet. We were not carried there upon jewel-encrusted sedan chairs.  There were no entourages. We kept things pretty … Continue reading Tasting Group 4.3.10 – 5 Single Malts