Ramazzotti Amaro – Review

This amaro is a little over two hundred years old. Well, ok, not this particular amaro being reviewed right here. This particular amaro being reviewed right here is maybe a year old, give or take a few months. The Ramazzotti brand however, was created in 1815 in Milan by Ausano Ramazzotti, making it one of the … Continue reading Ramazzotti Amaro – Review


Tanqueray London Dry Gin – Review

If you're wondering how a stalwart, classic London Dry Gin got a French-sounding name like Tanqueray, wonder no longer. The distant relatives of Charles Tanqueray, who founded the original Tanqueray distillery, relocated from France to England in the late 1600's. There...I guess that's pretty much it. Apparently, these early, ex-French Tanquerays were a devout bunch, … Continue reading Tanqueray London Dry Gin – Review

Distilled Magazine – Review

Thanks to Distilled for the complimentary review copy. "Print is dead." -Egon Spengler, NYC, 1984 I'm an enormously big fan of books, magazines, leaflets, broadsides, and the occasional flyer. I have never read an e-book and I do not own, nor do I plan to own a Kindle. I'm not against that kind of thing, … Continue reading Distilled Magazine – Review