Hendrick’s Gin – Review

If one were looking to write a list of influential gins, (and why wouldn't one look to write a list of influential gins?) I think few people would quibble about Bombay Sapphire being given the top spot. The general consensus is that it truly helped revive the failing category of gin, and played a part … Continue reading Hendrick’s Gin – Review

Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin – Review

Whenever anything longer than two or three sentences is written about Bombay Sapphire there are always the requisite mentions about the brand single-handedly rescuing gin from the pits of decrepitude or something similar and mildly hyperbolic, yet also apparently fairly accurate. In the mid-80's, as far as I can remember, gin had been relegated to … Continue reading Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin – Review

Cotswolds Dry Gin, Batch #01/2017 – Review

*Sincere thanks to Cotswolds Distillery for the sample. Here in Minneapolis, an April 15th snowstorm dumped around a foot of the frozen white stuff on us, pretty much crushing the souls of those who long for spring and summer. Just between you and me, I'd be fine with Winter being a year-round endeavor, but that's … Continue reading Cotswolds Dry Gin, Batch #01/2017 – Review

Bombay Dry Gin “The Original” – Review

In college, a friend and I had what was probably a relatively short-lived agreement wherein if one of us was in our beloved local bar and the other walked in without realizing the other was there, then the one already at the bar had the satisfaction of buying the newcomer a shot of horrible rail … Continue reading Bombay Dry Gin “The Original” – Review