San Francisco’s WhiskyWeek, 2011

In San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, the week before The Whisky Advocate's WhiskyFest (Oct. 7, Nov. 1, Mar. 23, respectively) is affectionately known as WhiskyWeek. I know, I know, around your house as it is around my house...every week is whisky week, but in these towns, the days around the big expo are packed … Continue reading San Francisco’s WhiskyWeek, 2011


Whisky Roundtable #15

It's fallen upon me to host the 15th installment of the Whisky Roundtable, and since it's summer and damn hot in some places, I thought I'd steer the conversation towards a more light-hearted, yet no less delicious whisk(e)y issue...that of the high-end whisk(e)y cocktail. With speakeasies, pre-prohibition recipes, DIY infusions and bitters, and specialty ice … Continue reading Whisky Roundtable #15

Upcoming Bay Area Whisky Events, May 2010

Sheeeesh...I really would have preferred this list to be long and full.  I wish it had taken me hours to compile, struggling through the many event details, losing valuable sleep while adding links, hands cramped in agony from typing, etc. Instead, two events...that's all I could find... ...sigh... Whiskey & Cheese Pairing Class Join Amanda … Continue reading Upcoming Bay Area Whisky Events, May 2010

Upcoming Bay Area Whisky Events, 3.15.10

With the big Whiskies of the World Expo happening in San Francisco on March 27th, there are several related events happening around the same time: Whisky Dinner at Nihon Lounge Hosted by David Perkins of High West and Robin Robinson of Compass Box, this dinner features a 4-course, 12 dish sushi menu paired with either a High … Continue reading Upcoming Bay Area Whisky Events, 3.15.10

Whisky Cocktails at Bourbon & Branch

There is no surer sign that this whole cocktalian revolution has gotten out of hand than the two small jars of homemade bitters infusing in my kitchen as we speak.  I can barely get out the door without someone shoving some rye & whipped egg-white combination in my face. Cocktails unearthed from the Crimean War featuring … Continue reading Whisky Cocktails at Bourbon & Branch