Gouden Carolus Belgian Single Malt Whisky – Review

*Thanks to Sam Filmus and the good folks at Impex Beverages for the sample. **Correction! Thanks to Ruben Luyten of WhiskyNotes and Lew Bryson, it was pointed out that the first Gouden Carolus whiskey came out in 2007, not 2009. According to Ruben, these first experiments, made in another distillery's column stills, were not good, … Continue reading Gouden Carolus Belgian Single Malt Whisky – Review


Drifting Away From Whisky?

Am I? Yeah. Me? Yeah, you. Away from whisky? Yes. Nooooo. Really? Never. Never. Not even just a little?   Well, yeah, okay, a little. Maybe a little more than a little. I don't think I've grown tired of whisky, or tired of drinking it, or learning about its past, or writing about it. I … Continue reading Drifting Away From Whisky?

Southern Tier Warlock Imperial Stout (2015) – Review

Who doesn't love a good warlock? Ok, perhaps not everyone. Good, kindly, gray-haired wizards like Gandalf and Dumbledore are more the fashion these days, but let's be honest, there's something far more evocative about a raven-haired, perhaps ne'er-do-welling warlock. It's more metal. It's more Aleister Crowley, Black Sabbath, and that wild-eyed English professor I had … Continue reading Southern Tier Warlock Imperial Stout (2015) – Review

Sierra Nevada 2014 Narwhal Imperial Stout – Review

"Strictly speaking, this horn is but a lengthened tusk, growing out from the jaw in a line a little depressed from the horizontal. But it is only found on the sinister side, which has an ill effect, giving its owner something analogous to the aspect of a clumsy left-handed man."           … Continue reading Sierra Nevada 2014 Narwhal Imperial Stout – Review

Surly Brewing’s Blakkr Imperial Black Ale – Review

Early in 2014, at the end of February, Blakkr, an Imperial Black Ale collaboration from three breweries, Minneapolis' Surly Brewing, Real Ale Brewing Co. from Blanco, TX, and Three Floyds Brewing Co. from Munster, IN, was released to no small amount of beergeek fanfare. United by their deep love of Metal (the music, not the solid material, though they probably … Continue reading Surly Brewing’s Blakkr Imperial Black Ale – Review

Surly Brewing Company’s Darkness 2014, Russian Imperial Stout – Review

I have held out as long as I can. A man can only take so much, his limits only stretched so far, the very foundation of his wanton soul only shaken so vehemently, before he cracks, succumbs, knuckles under, and throws in the towel. It may surprise you to learn that along with this predilection … Continue reading Surly Brewing Company’s Darkness 2014, Russian Imperial Stout – Review

Reckless Moments in Booze Marketing, Vol. 1

I'd like to think this would become a regular feature around here, but seeing as I, myself, am powerfully irregular... there's really not much hope in that. The fact is, pretty much every piece of booze related marketing/advertising/PR contains something at least a little silly and worth calling out...it would be impossible to track them … Continue reading Reckless Moments in Booze Marketing, Vol. 1

Healthy Spirits – Store review

San Francisco is awash in small corner grocery/liquor/small deli stores. In some neighborhoods it's not unusual to see two stores kitty-corner from each other, learing across the intersection. Most sell pretty much all the same items and manage to eek out a living by selling mostly beer, ice cream and snacks. They are in the … Continue reading Healthy Spirits – Store review

Nøgne Ø Winter Ale -Islay Edition

Alright, Nøgne Ø, how the hell did you get into the beer section (bottom third of the left half) of my brain? Along with your always excellent logo and label design, and your penchant for making fantastic beers (Sunturnbrew, for example), now you've gone and aged some of your Winter Ale in Islay whisky barrels? A Norwegian … Continue reading Nøgne Ø Winter Ale -Islay Edition