Whiskey on Ice 2017 Masterclass and Ticket Information

The 2016 Whiskey on Ice show at The Depot in Minneapolis.

What, already? I feel like I just got back from the 2016 edition and here we are already, talking about next years’ Whiskey on Ice show in Minneapolis. The four masterclasses have just been announced for the 2017 show, so it seemed as good a time as any to post a little info about the third edition of a show that’s been a great event in its first two years…

The masterclasses of 2016’s show were, for the most part, entertaining, informative affairs. From the looks of it, the 2017 seminars will be even more so. Here’s a quick rundown…

  • Age and American Whiskey, hosted by Lew Bryson. The knowledgable and insightful Mr. Bryson will lead an examination of younger and older American whiskeys to see if “older” really does mean “better.” As a bonus, attendees of this masterclass will receive a copy of Bryson’s excellent book, Tasting Whiskey.
  • A Room With a Few, hosted by Paul Hletko. FEW Spirits is arguably one of the trailblazers of the American craft distilling movement. Here’s a rare chance to taste through a sampling of their whiskeys with founder and master distiller, Paul Hletko.
  • The Story of Whiskey, hosted by Robin Robinson. Robinson, a craft whiskey consultant and all-around whisky ambassador, will somehow compress the entire history of whiskey into a one hour masterclass. As it will be a fast-paced hour, I’m sure there will be refreshments.
  • Minnesota Nice, hosted by Lew Bryson. For his second masterclass of the day, Mr. Bryson will preside over a panel of some of the leading figures in Minnesota’s nascent craft whiskey scene and lead the class through a tasting of their spirits.

More details about the 2017 Whiskey on Ice masterclass schedule can be found here.

If you wanted to be a VIP for this upcoming event, you’re out of luck. All of the VIP tickets are sold out. Word is that all the general admission tickets will be gone before the end of the year, so if you’re hemming and hawing about whether or not to go…hem and haw quickly and make a decision.

Here’s a few more details…

Whiskey On Ice 
April 2nd, 2017
Masterclasses begin at 1:30
VIP tasting begins at 4:00
Grand Tasting, 5:00-8:00
The Depot
225 South 3rd Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Buy Grand Tasting and Masterclass Tickets Here.

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