Whisky Jubilee 2013

Here’s a shameless plug for my good friends, fellow whisky bloggers, and mediocre card players, the chaps behind the Jewish Whisky Company’s Single Cask Nation whisky society, as they prepare for their second Whisky Jubilee. This year’s version will actually be two events, a brief traveling road show of sorts, starting in Mt. Kisco, NY on October 9th and ending in New York, NY on October 10th. The over-200-strong pour list is weighted towards the Scotch end of the whisky spectrum, with distillery and independent  bottlings (including, of course, Single Cask Nation’s excellent offerings) There is a great selection of American whiskies as well, ranging from Kentucky’s finest to many “craft” offerings. Not content to limit themselves to just two continents, there will also be whiskies from Japan, India, and Australia on hand.

Of special note this year will be a festival bottling of a 15 year old single barrel from Heaven Hill. This barrel-proof, high-rye mashbill bourbon will only be available at the Whisky Jubilee events. Also of note is the Whisky Jubilee donating a part of the proceeds to Support Connection, a non-profit organization providing free breast cancer and ovarian cancer support services for patients and their families.

I’m happy to offer a discount code for tickets to these events, simply follow the links below and enter the code “casks13” when prompted to do so…

Whisky Jubilee – Mt. Kisco
October 9th, 2013
Grand Prix
Whisky Jubilee – NYC
October 10th, 2013
Zanger Hall

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