New Release: Stagg Jr. from Buffalo Trace

StaggJrThe Casks is not necessarily in the business of posting every press release that floats across my expansive oaken desk, but on the rare occasion when something tickles my fancy and I actually have a spare moment, I like to throw out exciting tidbits such as the news about this new release from Buffalo Trace. If you love bourbon, you know all about the legendary George T. Stagg bottling from Buffalo Trace’s yearly Antique Collection. It’s undeniably sky-high quality and, let’s be honest, it’s undeniably flammable high alcohol content has made this a perennially hard bottle to get ahold of. In the beginning of this year, rumors started circulating that a younger, more widely available version was in the works and whisky geeks started drooling all over themselves as they are unfortunately wont to do.

That drooling will now reach its high water as the first batch of Stagg Jr. is set to be released. Like its famous forebear, Stagg Jr. will be a high-proof, un-cut and un-filtered bourbon. Unlike its famous, approximately 18 year old forebear, Stagg Jr. will be aged for 8 – 9 years and will be released in several small batches a year. The price will be around $50 a bottle. Here’s the official press release in full:




Uncut, Unfiltered Bourbon is a younger version of the legendary George T. Stagg Bourbon

FRANKFORT, FRANKLIN COUNTY, KY (July 25, 2013) At long last, Buffalo Trace Distillery releases Stagg Jr. Bourbon, an uncut and unfiltered bourbon whiskey with a renowned family name.

The first batch of Stagg Jr. is comprised of barrels aged for eight and nine years. The proof weighs in at a whopping 134.4 proof (67.2% ABV). Future releases will undoubtedly be different proofs, as each batch is unique and no water is added. Just like George T. Stagg Bourbon, this new whiskey is not filtered and offers all the rich and complex flavors of bourbon right from the barrel.  Bottles of Stagg Jr. will be limited, but several batches each year are planned.  This new Stagg Jr. offering will not affect the stock of barrels already set aside for future George T. Stagg releases.

Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley describes that taste as, “rich, sweet, chocolate and brown sugar flavors mingled in perfect balance with a bold, rye spiciness. The boundless finish lingers with hints of cherries, cloves and smokiness.”

“We’ve been aging these barrels for years in anticipation of this Stagg Jr. offering,” said Kris Comstock, bourbon marketing director. “George T. Stagg has won countless awards, but we’re delighted to introduce Stagg Jr., which should be a bit more accessible.”

George T. Stagg is one of the legendary craftsmen of Buffalo Trace Distillery, and is responsible for building the most dominant American distillery of the 19th century on the banks of the Kentucky River, now known as Buffalo Trace Distillery.  In 2002, Buffalo Trace introduced George T. Stagg Bourbon Whiskey, an uncut, unfiltered bourbon that has won numerous awards including World’s Best North American Whiskey, Number One Spirit in the World, and World Whiskey of the Year. Now the Distillery is offering a line extension through Stagg Jr. that still maintains the integrity of the brand – a big, bold whiskey bottled at barrel proof but at a more affordable price.  Stagg Jr. will be available starting in August. Suggested retail price is $49.99 for a 750ml bottle.

About Buffalo Trace Distillery

Buffalo Trace Distillery is a family-owned company based in Frankfort, Franklin County, Kentucky. The Distillery’s rich tradition dates back to 1786 and includes such legends as E.H. Taylor, Jr., George T. Stagg, Albert B. Blanton, Orville Schupp, and Elmer T. Lee.  Buffalo Trace Distillery is a fully operational distillery producing bourbon, rye and vodka on site and is a National Historic Landmark as well as is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Distillery has won seven distillery titles since 2000 from such notable publications as Whisky Magazine, Whisky Advocate Magazine and Wine Enthusiast Magazine. It was named Whisky Magazine 2010 World Icons of Whisky “Whisky Visitor Attraction of the Year.” Buffalo Trace Distillery has also garnered more than 200 awards for its wide range of premium whiskies. To learn more about Buffalo Trace Distillery visit



10 thoughts on “New Release: Stagg Jr. from Buffalo Trace

  1. The real fight with these types of releases is knowing which distributors are getting it and where are they sending it. Even then, it’s in very small allotments and many company employees buy these expressions before they even hit the shelf. With research getting one can be accomplished, but not easy.

    1. Yeah, I agree. I think this one will be popular and at least at first, probably a challenge to find. While the $50 price tag sounds a little high, it also sounds fairly reasonable to me…that will also help it fly off the shelves. Hopefully the “small” batches will be large enough and frequent enough for it to be somewhat accessible. The last thing the world needs is another whisky everyone wants and no one can find…

  2. Whiskey geeks drooling and lusting is the life-blood of the industry now!

    What’s the expected release date? Not sure if I missed it, I started drooling when I read 134.4 proof…

    1. Just heard from Buffalo Trace that Stagg Jr. will be available beginning at the beginning of August…though exactly when will depend on your location.

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