The Arran Malt 14 Year Old – Review

*Thanks to the good folks at Impex Beverages for the sample.

The Isle of Arran’s lone distillery, producing the appropriately named The Arran Malt is one of Scotland’s newest distilleries. Founded in 1993 and producing spirit by 1995, Arran the distillery has combined traditional distilling practices, interesting limited edition bottlings outside of its core range, and a knack for attracting lots of visitors to Arran the island. And by “lots” I mean approximately 60,000 a year, which may not seem like a lot if you’re Disney World, but when you’re talking about an island whose total population is just a bit more than 5000 people, that’s a serious number. Indeed, the distillery’s hometown, Lochranza, located on the northern end of the island, has a population of less than 250, so one can well imagine the impact this kind of tourism has had.

This 14 Year Old, released in late 2010 and replacing the 12 Year Old, is the oldest expression in their core range. Two-thirds of the final vatting has been finished in what they call fresh bourbon barrels and one-third in fresh sherry butts for a period of two years before bottling.

The Nose: A bright-ish, yet rounded and smooth nose with caramel apples and toasted grain up front. Ripe cantaloupe, canned stone fruit, and honey follow with hints of French vanilla ice cream and soft clove. Behind that there are subtle notes of oak and sea spray.

The Palate:  A lush, full mouthfeel that gets right to the point with briny, salty sea spray, baked apples, and a nice juicy burst of acidity. Toasted grain and roasted nuts are joined by much more wood influence on the palate than the nose. Hot cinnamon, raw clove and strong tannic notes grow and lead into a lingering, warming finish.

The Finish:  Like I said…lingering, with pleasant oak, warm cinnamon, and that continued, terroir-ish salinity.

Thoughts:  I really enjoyed this one. While the nose and palate initially seem a little at odds, it takes just a couple of sips to recognize the nice balance and progression of this one. That caramelized apple quality and brine anchor it throughout with the growing spice notes adding a rugged complexity as it moves along. This could easily be a wonderful everyday dram, but at around $70-$75, that could get pricey. On the other hand, I think this definitely holds its own against other mid to late teen single malts which makes that $70-$75 seem like more of a good value. Definitely recommended.

The Arran Malt 14 Year Old, Island, Arran

46% ABV

Score: 86


One thought on “The Arran Malt 14 Year Old – Review

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