Recap – Signatory Tasting presented by the Whisky Shop, 6.17.10

Ed Kohl and Signatory hosted a great tasting, appropriately enough, at the Presidio Golf Club here in San Francisco. Presented by the fantastic Whisky Shop in a dark wood room looking over the (windswept) Richmond neighborhood and green links of the course, Mr. Kohl gave a great, detailed look into the Scotch making process and introduced several new Signatory bottlings. The range poured was terrific, covering nearly all the major regions with a few younger malts and a few more mature ones as well.

Here’s the pour list:

1999 Auchentoshan 10 year old

1997 Dailuaine 12 year old

1997 Glen Grant 12 year old

1992 Longmorn 17 year old

1990 Dalmore 18 year old

1997 Clynelish 11 year old

1993 Ledaig 16 year old

1992 Ben Nevis 17 year old

1997 Bunnahabhain – peated, 12 year old

1982 Port Ellen 25 year old, Chieftains

To a malt, these were all very worthwhile, but several stood out for me.  The Longmorn and Clynelish drams were both delicious and held a few surprises. The Ben Nevis and Bunnahabhain tastes were exceptional and would’ve been the favorites of the evening had there not been one last special bottle on the table. The Whisky Shop brought along the Chieftans Port Ellen 25 year old from 1982 and as you might expect, this one was transcendent. This was a good, well paced tasting and I was able to get great notes down so I hope to write up all the pours individually…stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “Recap – Signatory Tasting presented by the Whisky Shop, 6.17.10

  1. Wow looks like I really missed out. The other Signatory tastings I have been to didnt have nearly that kind of selection. That bonus PE must have been nice. Do you think it is worth the $250+ price tag I am assuming it will be?

    1. It was a good tasting, great variety. As for the Port Ellen, the Whisky Shop has it for $300. As for it being worth it…man, I don’t know, I’m not sure I can make that call. This was only Port Ellen I’ve ever tasted so I have no basis for comparison. I will say that it was probably the best whisky I’ve had this year, and ranks up there with the best I’ve ever had. Really balanced and bright despite being a 25yo…but those 25 years were very evident in making it fantastically elegant and complex. Ed Kohl asked me which was my favorite of the evening and tho’ it was his Signatory’s evening, I had to say the Port Ellen to which he agreed. When I asked what he thought, he just rolled his eyes, shook his head agreed that it was stunning.

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