Slightly Late 2011 WhiskyFest San Francisco Wrap-up

Looking back at last year's re-cap of WhiskyFest, it seems I laid out some goals for this year's WhiskyFest...let's see how I did: 1.  Actually spend a few minutes making a serious game plan as to what to taste instead of talking about making a game plan and then running around like an idiot. I … Continue reading Slightly Late 2011 WhiskyFest San Francisco Wrap-up


San Francisco’s WhiskyWeek, 2011

In San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, the week before The Whisky Advocate's WhiskyFest (Oct. 7, Nov. 1, Mar. 23, respectively) is affectionately known as WhiskyWeek. I know, I know, around your house as it is around my house...every week is whisky week, but in these towns, the days around the big expo are packed … Continue reading San Francisco’s WhiskyWeek, 2011

Upcoming (BIG) Bay Area Whisky Events.

In next couple of months, whisky lovers will have two opportunities to completely overdo it. Two chances to go to bed with waaaaaay too much whisky in the belly and to wake up with waaaaaay too much regret in the head. Big whisky expos have a way of making even the most sensible, temperate souls … Continue reading Upcoming (BIG) Bay Area Whisky Events.