The Casks v.2.0

Ah, so it appears I haven't disappeared after all. Sorry for the hiatus. Once again, real life reared its beautiful head and offered up some far more important things to do than write about whisky. This time around, the important thing just happened to be a small, old building that my wife and I purchased … Continue reading The Casks v.2.0


Obligatory April Fool’s Day Whisky Blog Post.

Despite knowing that a number of humorless curmudgeons find this kind of thing annoying, I've always enjoyed concocting some cockamamie story about some preposterous whisky-related something or other for April Fool's Day. I've enjoyed it despite occasionally not going far enough, or perhaps more accurately, underestimating how ridiculously far the whisky/booze/bar industry goes and ending … Continue reading Obligatory April Fool’s Day Whisky Blog Post.