Tuthilltown’s Hudson Whiskey at 18 Reasons

For once, the whiskey's flowing at 18 Reasons and I'm not the one standing up in front of everyone, making a fool of myself. Gable Erenzo from Tuthilltown Spirits will be on hand, decidedly not making a fool of himself, pouring his good stuff, and generally giving the lowdown on his fantastic artisanal distillery that … Continue reading Tuthilltown’s Hudson Whiskey at 18 Reasons


Recap – Whiskies of the World Expo

After going to WhiskyFest last year, I thought, "holy crap, malt overload...I don't need to do that again for another 2 or 3 years."  Well, about 5 months later, where do I find myself?  Yep, another big whisky show, this time around it was the Whiskies of the World Expo (let's call it WoW, shall … Continue reading Recap – Whiskies of the World Expo

Upcoming Bay Area Whisky-related Events

There are a few (too few? yes, possibly) whisky-related events in the Bay Area coming up...soon: Domaine Select Classic & Vintage Artisanal Spirits Collection Road Show is travelling around the country and hits San Francisco this week.  This seems like a rather industry-centric event.  Among other artisanal spirits, they'll be featuring the Death's Door Line and Tuthilltown … Continue reading Upcoming Bay Area Whisky-related Events