Single Cask Nation 1999 Arran 12 Year Old Pinot Noir Cask Finish – Review

*A sincere thanks to JH, JJY, and SK at Single Cask Nation for the sample. The Pinot Noir grape, the one responsible for that little wine making region in France called Burgundy, is one of the oldest offspring of Vitis vinifera, and one of the oldest varieties of grapevines to be cultivated by man. There is some … Continue reading Single Cask Nation 1999 Arran 12 Year Old Pinot Noir Cask Finish – Review


The Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society

I'm not really one for tooting my own horn, but I do like to toot my friends' horns. That sounds a little dirty...perhaps I should re-phrase it before I'm slapped with yet another restraining order. No, on second thought, I'm not going to re-phrase that...I know these people and I know that they like having … Continue reading The Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society

Whisky Related Stocking Stuffers…

Verily, the holiday season is upon us. The time of year when we're bombarded with the conflicting messages of "go out and shop!, buy more crap!" and "cozy up at home, and revel in the warmth of family!". If you're like me, you wish you had more time with the family and always end up … Continue reading Whisky Related Stocking Stuffers…

Whisky Roundtable #14

This months Whisky Roundtable is hosted by Joshua and the great Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society. His question tackles an always interesting and mildly controversial topic: the scoring/grading of whiskies. I, for one, see a lot of value in attaching a score but at the same time am well aware and oft frustrated by the … Continue reading Whisky Roundtable #14

Whisky Roundtable #2

The second installment of the Whisky Roundtable is here!  This month's roundtable was hosted by Sir Joshua of the Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society and the question posed to spark discussion was this: "How did you develop your "nose" and "palate"?  What was your turning point for actually trusting what you were smelling and tasting? … Continue reading Whisky Roundtable #2