Bay Area Whisky Events, November 2010

  Feeling unfulfilled after WhiskyFest? Not a one of the 270 whiskies hit the spot, eh? Was the $150 VIP ticket chump change and are you looking to unload more cash so as not to be burdened by the evil temptations of the all (not so) mighty  dollar? Here are a couple of suggestions: -------------------------------------------------------- … Continue reading Bay Area Whisky Events, November 2010


The Alembic Bar- Review

In San Francisco these days, food and drink is king. The celebrities in this town are not the actors and rock stars of LA (or at least we pretend they're not), they're the chefs and bartenders who are one Osso Buco or one Blood and Sand away from their own Food Network show. If you … Continue reading The Alembic Bar- Review