Highland Park 12 Year Old Viking Honour – Review

 Slàinte mhath, Dad! In honor of this upcoming Father's Day in general and my father in particular, here's a review of perhaps his favorite whisky. I don't remember exactly when my dad started to drink Highland Park, but it was a while ago. I think the bottles and labels have gone through at least four … Continue reading Highland Park 12 Year Old Viking Honour – Review


Compass Box The Peat Monster +/- 2011 – Review

*Thanks Dad! The word "peat," a near and dear word to whisky lovers to be sure, is most likely of Celtic origin owing maybe a little bit to the medieval latin word peta, and sharing its ancestry with the Welsh word peth, and the Cornish word peyth, which both mean "bit," "piece" or "thing." Interestingly, there's no relationship between the word … Continue reading Compass Box The Peat Monster +/- 2011 – Review

Ardbeg Corryvreckan – Review

Alright, I'll admit it, I'm a total sucker for any kind for nautical mystique, (hell, I have several books on the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and other assorted Great Lakes shipwrecks).  I'm also a total sucker for good Norse/Celtic mystique so from the first moment I read about Ardbeg's Corryvreckan...I knew I had to … Continue reading Ardbeg Corryvreckan – Review