Whiskey on Ice 2017 Wrap-up

*A sincere thank you to MG and Whiskey On Ice for providing me with the media pass. As Minnesota's only really big whiskey show, Whiskey on Ice has, over the last three years, established itself as being an informative, festive, bankable good time. Since the first edition in 2015, the well-run event has grown consistently, … Continue reading Whiskey on Ice 2017 Wrap-up


Octomore 2.1 – Review

For good or for ill (mostly for ill) Americans have this sad, misguided little notion that bigger and/or more extreme is better , especially when it comes to food or pretend food products. There's a new line of "bold" Doritos out there that promises an artificially produced heat hitherto unknown in the natural food world. There … Continue reading Octomore 2.1 – Review