Upcoming Bay Area Whisky Events, 3.15.10

With the big Whiskies of the World Expo happening in San Francisco on March 27th, there are several related events happening around the same time: Whisky Dinner at Nihon Lounge Hosted by David Perkins of High West and Robin Robinson of Compass Box, this dinner features a 4-course, 12 dish sushi menu paired with either a High … Continue reading Upcoming Bay Area Whisky Events, 3.15.10


Nihon Whisky Lounge – Review

"Dangerous" means different things to different people. Some might consider walking across the street dangerous while others don't really see danger coming until it appears as an irate, hungry, 8-foot tall grizzly bear ((Ursus arctos horribilis), barreling towards their remote campsite early in the morning before they've even had a chance to put on coffee.  Still … Continue reading Nihon Whisky Lounge – Review