Tattersall Amaro – Review

On May 24, 2011, after it had passed both the Senate and the House, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed the bill entitled Chapter 55, HF 1326/SF 918 into law. "Chapter 55, HF 1326/SF 918" might have been a perfectly acceptable name for a bill to politicians and lawmakers, but, obviously, it lacked a bit of … Continue reading Tattersall Amaro – Review


Surly Brewing Company’s Darkness 2014, Russian Imperial Stout – Review

I have held out as long as I can. A man can only take so much, his limits only stretched so far, the very foundation of his wanton soul only shaken so vehemently, before he cracks, succumbs, knuckles under, and throws in the towel. It may surprise you to learn that along with this predilection … Continue reading Surly Brewing Company’s Darkness 2014, Russian Imperial Stout – Review

Ace Spirits, Hopkins, Minnesota

Opening in the middle of March this year and taking advantage of the boom in both whisk(e)y and craft beer, Ace Spirits in Hopkins (southwest of Minneapolis by 20 minutes or so) is a small booze haven focusing on...whisk(e)y and craft beer. It's advertising itself as having "every whisky available in the state" which of … Continue reading Ace Spirits, Hopkins, Minnesota

Top Whisky-type Stuff List for 2013

For those that don't like lists, tough shit, I like lists and I like year-end lists. For those that do like lists...I apologize for this one, it's a pretty sparse, pretty unimpressive list, and probably will rank pretty high on anyone's list of the most boring year-end lists of 2013. I enjoyed quite a bit … Continue reading Top Whisky-type Stuff List for 2013